We know that you know your operation better than anyone else, and we respect that. We also know that a fresh set of eyes can often be extremely beneficial. You, as a business owner may be so involved in your day to day operations, that you need help stepping back and looking at the big picture. Are you operating as efficiently as you would like to? Do you need help solving a complex problem, or identifying low hanging fruit?

David and Jodi have significant experience in multi-faceted operations. In her roles as controller and CFO, Jodi has been very involved in the operations of the manufacturing and cultural organizations she has served. With specific experience in the automotive manufacturing industry, where every year companies are forced to reduce their overall costs by 2-5% to remain competitive, and the arts and culture industry, where funding is consistently squeezed, Jodi is used to looking at all aspects of a business and finding ways to do more with less.

David has direct experience in private and not-for-profit tourism sectors, private and not-for-profit land development, leadership of arts and cultural organizations and vast experience on boards of directors including many at the Chair level.