The role of Chief Finance Officer is one of the most vital roles in any organization. As a trusted advisor, the CFO must work closely with senior leaders in providing insight and strategic direction to the organization.

Having a resource to analyze and provide clarity into cash flow and profitability is imperative to the success of an organization. By knowing and understanding key performance metrics, organizations can make more informed operational decisions and understand the impact these decisions will have on their financial health. This culture is created by the issuance of timely, accurate and relevant data and the expertise to interpret, analyze and make recommendations based on what the data shows.

The CFO is crucial to operational excellence, bringing an invaluable perspective to strategic planning and prioritization of company initiatives – an impact that extends far beyond the numbers. Hiring a part time CFO is an important step for companies to accomplish their goals while keeping spending in check. Here are 10 questions to help identify whether a CFO could become a valuable resource to your organization.

  1. Am I receiving accurate and timely financial information needed to make business decisions?
  2. Can I rely on that information?
  3. What are the key performance indicators of my business?
  4. Do I have a detailed, comprehensive budget? Am I on track this year?
  5. What are my business expansion plans for the next two years? five years?
  6. Am I missing opportunities to improve/expand my business?
  7. Does my current staff have the breadth of experience and skill set to handle projects beyond day-to-day accounting?
  8. Do I have a dynamic business plan to achieve my goals?
  9. Are my expenses trending/improving in proportion to my revenues?
  10. What is my balance sheet really telling me?

A part-time CFO is a good fit for businesses who can’t afford, or don’t need, a full-time financial officer, but do need someone to help them collect and understand all of the financial information crucial to the success of their business. Timely financial reports and healthy accounting practices are two of the most valuable services a CFO brings to your company.

Jodi Zver, CPA, CA is a highly experienced, results driven CFO with extensive hands-on experience in non-profit, commercial and manufacturing sectors. Her demonstrated ability in bringing clarity to financial reporting, implementing financial controls and processes, increasing efficiencies, and driving bottom line profit is complimented by solid leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills. She has a broad depth of experience in financial analysis & reporting, financial management, budgeting and forecasting, strategic planning & execution, performance measurement, and fund development.

Some of Jodi’s achievements include:

  • Implemented new financial reporting framework for a national Board of Directors.
  • Implemented daily financial report of key performance indicators for a national arts center and for an automotive manufacturing plant.
  • Managed, from application through final reporting, over $50 million in grants from all levels of government.
  • Financial management of over $20 million in capital improvements, all completed on budget.
  • Created new bottom-up budget approach and maintained a balanced budget at a national arts center for 10 years.
  • Negotiated collective agreements with 4 different unions over a period of 15 years.
  • Created financial policy database for use by worldwide operations of large automotive manufacturing company.

Please call Jodi at 902-393-4982 to discuss how part-time CFO services would benefit your business.